About usEuronet Co., Ltd was founded in 2016 as a natural evolution of Euronet srl (present in Italy for over 15 years) to expand its own brand superInk also in Japan.


We select the products available on the basis of the principles of quality and reliability, offering a wide choice of sustainable items in line with our standards.


Every product, purchased through comfortable and safe payment methods, is carefully packaged with high quality packaging and packaging standards to ensure customer reliability and speed in reception.


Through our e-shop, you can conveniently shop with one-click: dye-based inks, pigmented inks, anti-uv inks, sublimated inks, universal inks and refill accessories (including our superInk Cleaning Liquid Leader in Europe and soon, hopefully, in Japan)


Over the years our management has selected superInk products, taking care to evaluate the most advanced production techniques and the highest quality inks, resulting in extremely competitive both in quality and price level.


Company references


Company Registration number: 0133-03-003262 on 11 may 2016

Registered office and warehouse: 〒171-0051 Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Nagasaki 4-33-1 (Japan)



(from Monday to Friday business hours 10.00~13.00 and 15.00~18.00)

Fax 03-6887-2048

E-mail: info@superink.jp

Web: Contact form


superInk brand history

May 2002 - Establishment of Euronet srl (Italy) and start of online sales
June 2002 - Began marketing line superInk compatible cartridges
September 2002 - Begab marketing line Revised superInk toner cartridges
December 2002 - superInk character creation
April 2003 - superInk trademark registration
October 2003 - superInk Refill Kit Marketing
October 2003 - Marketing superInk Cleaning Liquid
August 2004 - Launch of superInk advertising campaigns on leading IT magazines
November 2004 - Line Marketing Accessories for superInk recharge
April 2005 - Began marketing superInk Ink Line
September 2005 - Began marketing line of Photo and Special Cards superInk
September 2006 - Opening of the first superInk point in Rome (Italy)
January 2007 - Began marketing line superInk rechargeable cartridges
June 2007 - Began marketing superKit line by superInk
September 2007 - Began marketing TTR line (Heat Transfer Ribbons) superInk
May 2009 - Spidy trademark registration
May 2009 - superInk and Spidy official Honda LCR Team sponsors in MotoGP
August 2009 - Began marketing line Spidy Battery Chargers, Batteries and Accessories
September 2010 - Began marketing turboKit superInk line
January 2011 - Began marketing line Cables and Accessories for Computing Spidy
March 2014 - Began marketing Powerbank Spidy line
May 2016 - 株式会社 EURONET (Japan) was established
March 2017 - Began marketing superInk products line in Japan
March 2017 - Market Development for Japanese Liquid Cleaning Kit and Instructions
November 2017 - Activation of www.superInk.jp for online sale superInk brand products