Before you start we invite you to take note of a few tips:

  1. always follow the instructions and pay attention to not refill old cartridges or unused cartridges from long time, the best results are achieved by refilling cartridges before the inks is completely over;
  2. prepare a work surface covered with some sheets of newspaper to prevent a possible ink leakage from damaging the floor;
  3. always wear protective gloves;
  4. always use the same needle for each color;
  5. pay attention to the arrangement of the colors in the cartridge (if you also reverses a single color cartridge becomes unusable). If you are not sure of the exact arrangement of colors in the cartridge use a cotton swab to identify its exact color;
  6. fill the cartridge to a maximum of 80% of the declared capacity/volume (use the graduated scale on the syringe) to avoid unpleasant ink spills;
  7. once refill is complete clean with warm water needles and always store the ink and its accessories safe and away from children;
  8. make some print-test and, if needed, some cleaning cycles to eliminate any air bubbles inside the cartridge.

Check below the Instructions for Refill your printer: