The Refill Accessories allow the technical management and operation practice of charging and consist of:

Cleaning Liquid, cleaning fluid, specially formulated for the care and maintenance of printers inkjet and the print-head. Essential in restoring the proper functioning of the heads and remove scale and dirt (dry ink, paper and various powders);

Programmer for microchip, an accessory that allows for effortless way to program the cartridge microchip (Canon, Epson, HP or another manufacturer) required only in the case of cartridges that do not use the auto-reset-technology;

Tools, an accessory for charging developed for different models of cartridges and that makes it easy and immediate the charging process of the inkjet cartridge;

Utility Bag, ie "tool kit" available in several configurations, which generally includes a graduated syringe, truncated needle, gloves and other small accessories that might be useful for refilling.

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