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Saving Kit

The Savings Kits are individual products sold in certain "promotional packages" (so each product is individually packaged) with a discount up to 50% of the total value of the individual products.
Find the Saving Kit for your printer! Available for many of the printers in our catalogue and for different product lines.


Some examples of Savings Kit currently in the catalog are:


- Saving Kits for Inks (sets of 4 or 6 colors): in different size (Small, Medium, Large) consisting of 4 or 6 bottles of basic colors (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow for the 4-color kit or Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan and Light Magenta for the 6-color kit) with a volume of 100 or 250ml each. With these kits you save from 25 to 45% compared to the prices of individual products.

Saving Kit
4 or 6 color + accessories Saving
average %

set 4x100ml (BK+C+M+Y) + 4 set accessories


set 6x100ml (BK+C+M+Y+LC+LM) + 6 set accessories


set 1x250ml BK + 3x100ml (C+M+Y) + 4 set accessories
set 2x100ml BK + 3x100ml (C+M+Y) + 4 set accessories


set 1x250ml BK + 5x100ml (C+M+Y+LC+LM) + 6 set accessories
set 2x100ml BK + 5x100ml (C+M+Y+LC+LM) + 6 set accessories


set 4x250ml (BK+C+M+Y) + 4 set accessories


set 6x250ml (BK+C+M+Y+LC+LM) + 6 set accessories




- Saving Kit "Single Color Ink": you can purchase packages of individual color in kits and save up to 50%.

The "single-color" ink kits are available in the following sizes:

Bottles of the
Saving Kit
1 color + accessories Saving
average %
3 x 100ml 3 bottles of 100ml ink + 3 set accessories 30%
5 x 100ml 5 bottles of 100ml ink + 5 set accessories 40%
10 x 100ml 10 bottles of 100ml ink + 10 set accessories 50%
2 x 250ml 2 bottles of 250ml ink + 2 set accessories 25%
4 x 250ml 4 bottles of 250ml ink + 4 set accessories 35%



Important: Kit and Accessories

Remember that each ink bottle contained in the Savings Kit is always supplied with: 10ml graduated syringe + truncated needle and cap + polyester gloves (high quality!). Then, in the case of a kit of 4 bottles, you will have, for example, 4 syringes of 10 ml + 4 needles with caps + 4 pairs of gloves. It's the ideal Kit for large ink consumers or to share your spending between friends and colleagues (each one will have its own bottle of accessories!)