Resetter for Brother cartridges
with microchip (version 1)


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The latest generation ink cartridges are equipped with a microchip for the automatic control of ink levels and, consequently, to block printing when the ink runs out. Once the ink is finished, the cartridge can no longer be used unless the microchip is “reset” to its initial state and the cartridge is refilled with new ink.
The superInk resetter is able to automatically recognize the connected cartridge model and to reset the microchip to its initial state, once the ink has been refilled, allowing correct recognition of the cartridge by the printer.

superInk si-resetter-bro-1 is compatible with the following cartridge series:
LC110 (BK+C+M+Y) • LC111 (BK+C+M+Y) • LC113 (BK+C+M+Y) • LC115 (BK+C+M+Y) • LC117BK (only black) • LC119BK (only black)


• Please start the chip reset procedure before the ink level goes under 15%.
• To avoid wasting ink, (in case of a “faulty” cartridge - malfunctioning chip or inability to reset) do NOT refill before resetting the microchip.
• Always follow “Refill Instructions”. Please do not refill cartridges that have been exhausted for a long time or are completely empty; best results are obtained by refilling cartridges before they are completely empty.

• WARNING: The product contains 3 button batteries (LR41-1.5V).
Do not dispose of the product in the environment. Always follow local regulations for special waste disposal.


Chip reset procedure

• Using the guide provided, line up the chip on the cartridge to the resetter’s pins, as shown in Figure [①].
• Gently press the cartridge against the Resetter for the procedure to start. The LED on the resetter will change from red to a steady green; this indicates that the cartridge has been successfully reset. You can now separate refill the cartridge [② and ③].



• The LED on the Resetter does not turn on, the LED doesn’t turn GREEN or it keeps flashing RED.

- The resetter’s pins are not making solid contact with the cartridge’s chip.
- The model of the cartridge is not compatible with the resetter.
- The chip on cartridge is defective. Please use another cartridge.
- Resetter’s pins are soiled, bent or broken.
- Resetter’s batteries are exhausted. Please change the batteries following the instructions below.

• LED turns GREEN, but the cartridge is not recognized by the printer.

- Air bubbles could have formed inside the cartridge ink sensor (the transparent “window”). Shake the cartridge gently, or draw excess air with a syringe (always use gloves when doing so, to avoid soiling).
- The cartridge chip is defective. Please use another cartridge.


Replacing the Resetter batteries (3 x LR41-1.5V) 

• With a small screwdriver unscrew the 2 screws on the back of the unit.
• Take the circuit card out of the plastic case and find the 3 LR41-1.5V batteries.
• Use the screwdriver as a lever and take the exhausted batteries out of their slots.
• One by one, place new batteries in their slots.
• Avoid bending the contacts, put the card back in the plastic shell.
• Close the lid and screw the 2 screws on the back.




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